Bylakuppe is a small village near Kushalnagar (about 50 km from Madikeri). This village is known because of its Tibetan settlement. Approximately 70000 Tibetans live in this area which was provided by state government to establish the settlement when Tibetans relocated in the 1960s. There are several Buddhist Monasteries and Buddhist study centers in this area. The Namdroling Monastery is the largest of all the monasteries and the Buddhist study center. This monastery is also called as “Golden Temple”.

Zangdog Palri Temple, Namdroling Monastery

The premises of Namdroling Monastery where guests/tourists are allowed to visit is very well maintained. A request to all the visitors of this place: please remember that this is not a tourist place, but a place of worship. Please remain quiet and respect the place of worship.

Entrance to the monastery

As you enter inside the premises of the monastery, you will see a lot of shops that sell locally made handicrafts. You can find wide variety of handicrafts in these shops and most of them are in the Tibetan style. If you walk further across, you will be welcomed by a huge multi-floored building.

The premises of the monastery has many temples within it. Some of them are very huge, while some of them are very small. The smaller temples are used as Buddhist study centers and you can see several students learning Buddhism here.

Main Temple

The main temple is also called the Golden Temple, due to the golden colors of the statues within it. The massive statues are present in a large hall, where devotees come, sit and pray in silence. To imagine how massive the statues are, please take a look at the photo below. Can you spot a man with orange shirt? 🙂

The inside of the temple is filled with some amazing art work. The walls of the temple have some beautiful paintings, and the pillars are filled with colorful art work. You will be awestruck to watch the beauty of the work within the temple.

Inside the temple


Painting inside the temple

Painting inside the temple


Painting inside the temple

After you are done visiting the temple, you can stroll around the premises of the well-maintained monastery. There are various buildings all across the premises. If you are interested, you can also talk to many Tibetan monks and get to know their culture and lifestyle. Do you know how to lift yourself off the floor? When interacting with one of the student monks here, I came to know that if you train yourself and concentrate hard, your body can becomes so light, that you actually start floating in the air, few inches off the ground! (Don’t ask for a demo, as this requires few days to reach that level of concentration)

Another temple inside the monastery



Where to stay?

  • Kushalnagar
  • Madikeri

Distance Chart

From Distance (in km)
Mysore 85
Mangalore 175
Calicut 206
Bangalore 225
Coimbatore 285

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