Echo Point

Echo Point is another scenic location at about 15 km from Munnar. Echo Point has a natural lake with the backdrop green hills. Located at an altitude of 600 ft, what makes Echo Point more interesting is a natural phenomenon of the voice that gets echoed back to you. When you scream loudly here facing the hill/lake, you can hear an echo of your own voice after a small delay of 1-2 seconds!

Echo Point is located on the way to Kundala Dam, and is worth a few minutes stop. You can identify the place when you can see several small shops on either side of the road in the otherwise empty streets. You need to get through the narrow paths behind the shops to get down to the lake. There are various other seasonal activities available for visitors, like horse riding, row boating etc.


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From Distance (in km)
Munnar 15
Coimbatore 140
Kochi 150
Madurai 170
Bangalore 460