Savanadurga is one of the largest single monolith rocks that extends to a height of more than 1200m/4000ft above sea level. It is located around 50km from Bangalore, and is quite popular among adventurists. With close vicinity to Bangalore, Savanadurga see very high inflow of visitors over the weekend. The base of Savanadurga also has few caves that can be explored.

On the way to Savanadurga Peak

Savanadurga is actually a pair of two hills, Billigudda and Karigudda. If you are planning to trek up, you need to choose which route to take, and which hill to climb. You can climb both the hills on a single day. Billigudda is easier as it is less steep when compared to Karigudda.

Trek to the peak

The trek to the peak is different than most other treks that we are usually used to. The trek is on a rocky terrain, and  includes a steep incline to the top. During rainy season, it is risky to trek, as the rocks become slippery due to the rain water. Summer time throws different challenge to trek up altogether. The sun rays reflect on the rock, and becomes too bright to keep your eyes open. There is absolutely no shade during the entire trek (depending on the route you chose), so make sure you carry enough water and eatables that can last until you come down. The trek up to the peak usually takes about 2 hours (depending on your fitness levels).

Rest under the sun! You have no choice!

After trekking for about 90%, you will find a small lake (or should I say it is a pond). Though it may tempt you to get into the pond, please do not dare to do so. The pond is very deep and filled with rain water. The edge of the pond is rocky and steep. If you try entering (or even try to touch the water with your foot), you may slip and end up drowning yourself. It does sound weird to say that you may be drowned after climbing up to such a height, doesn’t it? 🙂

The Pond

Once you are on the top, be careful about getting to the edge of the cliff. It is too steep, and a gentle slip is enough to drop you down 1200m!! It is due to this dangerous terrain that this peak is named Savanadurga (Fort of Death).

View from the peak!

From the peak, you can see vast flat land that constitutes the Deccan Plateau. You can also see River Arkavati from the top. There is also a statue of Nandi on the top of the peak.

Flat Land

Several other rocks, but not as big as Savanadurga

If you are not planning to camp on the top, start descending down by 4 or 4:30pm, as you need to reach the foot of the hill before it is completely dark.



Where to stay?

  • Bangalore

Distance Chart

From Distance (in km)
Bangalore 55
Mysore 120
Mangalore 320
Chennai 390