Bryant Park

Bryant Park is located next to the Kodai Lake, and is one of the most vibrant and colorful attractions of Kodaikanal. Spread across 20 acres of land, this botanical garden was blooms with over 1000 varieties of flowers and plants. During the peak season, when all the flowers bloom, it is a magnificent view to see the flowers of all the colors in just one glance.

Bryant Park

Well Maintained Garden

There are several attractions inside the Bryant Park. Be it a special “rose” section that hosts almost 700 varieties of roses, or a 150+ year old eucalyptus tree, or a huge and beautiful Bodhi tree, Bryant Park will ensure you have a soothing and relaxing time connecting with the greenery.


You can also purchase few plants the that are cultivated in the nursery. In the month of May, a flower show is organized that attracts several visitors.





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