Chinnakanal Falls

Chinnakanal Falls (also called Power House Falls) is located 15 km from Munnar, on the route to Thekkady. The falls lies very next to the road, and hence is very easily accessible. It is surrounded by green tea plantations and is visible even from a long distance. Unlike other waterfalls, the water here does not drop down directly, but gently passes through a not so very steep hills. There are few layers where the water drops down directly, but none of them from a greater height.

The road passes right through the falls, though the water does not enter the road. A small bridge is built so that the water passes underneath. Another layer of “falls” is formed after it crosses the bridge and the water flows through the tea plantations.

Chinnakanal or Power House Waterfalls (as seen from the road)

During the peak season, several vehicles stop by to get a picture of the waterfalls. You can also find several other vehicles parked near the waterfalls where visitors get down from the vehicle and get close to the waterfalls. So during peak season, expect slow moving and haphazardly parked vehicles in this area slowing down your own drive!

Monsoon brings its own glory to the Chinnakanal Waterfalls. While the quantity of water flowing in the waterfalls is very high, the water current is also high as the water passes down the slope of the hills. On a clear day during monsoon season, you can enjoy the full view of the waterfalls. You can also see some visitors getting down to the lower side of the road to get to the base of the falls where a small natural pool is formed. On a misty day, most part of the falls cannot be seen as it is covered by the mist! Even if you get to the base of the falls, it is difficult to get a complete view!

On a misty day

Chinnakanal Falls is formed on the River Devikulam. It is believed that Sita Devi, wife of Lord Rama, has taken a dip in this river, and hence the river is named after her.

Rock Cave / Malayil Kallan Guha

If you go a little further ahead (about 3 km towards Munnar), you can also find a small rock cave! The cave has a very small and narrow opening, but is a very huge cave inside. If you enter inside the cave, you will feel that it is very cool inside the cave. The cave has a very well laid stairs leading to the narrow opening. Once you enter inside, the rock is very even (looks as if it is carved that way).

A board near to the cave says that this cave was inhibited by a thief called Malayil, and he used to loot the travellers who pass by this cave. Hence the cave is also called “Malayil Kallan Guha” which literally means cave of Thief Malayil”. Isn’t is weird to name a cave after a thief? 🙂


Chinnakanal Falls

Rock Cave (Malayil Kallan Guha)

Where to stay?

  • Few luxurious resorts very close to the falls
  • Munnar

Distance Chart

From Distance (in km)
Munnar 17
Kochi / Madurai 135
Coimbatore / Alleppey 175
Trivandrum 285
Bangalore 500