Raja’s Seat

Raja’s Seat is a beautiful garden located at Madikeri, Karnataka. During the bygone years, it was this place was where the king used to admire the nature’s beauty, watch the sunset, and hence was a great place of recreation for them. The view of the green forests of Western Ghats from this place is truly mesmerizing.

View from Raja’s Seat

A nice view point is built, so that visitors could stand on that and admire the natural beauty. Once you get to the view point, you can also see the Madikeri – Mangalore state highway dwindling through the Western Ghats.

View from the view-point

Amidst the layers of greenery, and the view of the misty mountains of Western Ghats, lies a small structure that takes support from four pillars that used to be the “seat” of the Rajas.

Raja’s Seat

As seen from the Raja’s Seat

The lovely garden with blooming flowers, scenic view of the Western Ghats, and watching the sun disappear into the mountains is an experience of its own. The golden light of the setting sun which is reflected on the thin misty later on the valley gives a “golden view” of Coorg.


Just outside the Raja’s seat, there is also a small toy train for kids’ entertainment. For a nominal fee, children can go round a small hill in this train.

Toy Train


Raja’s Seat

Where to stay?

  • Madikeri
  • Virajpet
  • Kushalnagar

Distance Chart

From Distance (in km)
Mysore 120
Mangalore 140
Calicut 180
Bangalore 255


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