Mattupetty Dam

Mattupetty Dam is at an elevation of 1700m and is constructed to conserve water for the generation of electricity. The dam is located in the middle of Shola forests on one side, and tea plantations and grasslands on the other side. Due to the constant availability of water in the area due to this huge dam, the area is surrounded by various wild animals and birds. The place is also starting point for various trek routes.

View from Mattupetty Dam

The lake that is formed by the conserved water is source to various water activities for the visitors. Various types of boats (including row boats, speed boats, pedal boats etc) are available for visitors.


The road that connects Mettupatty to Munnar passes over the dam. The stretch of the road that passes over the dam is very narrow, and is just enough for two vehicles to cross over. However, during the peak season, several visitors are found on the road who come here to enjoy the beautiful surroundings. During that time, you may experience massive traffic jams, as the narrow road may be completely occupied by visitors!


There are several street vendors near the dam and the lake who provide small eats. Apart from these small food vendors, there are hardly any restaurants in this route from Munnar to Kundala Dam. However, there are ample vendors throughout the route, and so you are guaranteed that you will get something fresh to eat, no matter how far you are from Munnar.



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  • Munnar

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