Mutyala Madavu / Pearl Valley

Mutyala Madavu, now also called as its literal translation to English as Pearl Valley, is located at about 40 km from Bangalore, near Anekal. This place is famous for its beautiful mountain ranges around. It also has a small waterfall. The water from the falls, when it splashes after hitting the ground, resembles pearls, and hence this place is called Valley of Pearls (Mutyala Madavu).

Due to the recent expansion of Bangalore, and surrounding areas are being commercialized, the valley is losing its beauty. During the dry season, there is hardly any water flowing down in the waterfall. Nevertheless, if you keep the expectations at bay, you can still make the visit a worth. (But I am not sure when the Bangalore commercialization will take this pearl away!)

The Waterfall… Do you see the water? 🙂

As you reach the place, you will find a huge vacant space that is reserved for car parking. You can also find a shop that sells small eats. You can also find a restaurant next to the car park. You will be impressed with the cleanliness of this well-maintained place. To reach the waterfall, you have to climb down the hill through well-paved 170+ steps. The steps are laid in a very interesting manner. After getting down few steps, you can walk 10-15 steps on flat land, and then you can get down the stairs again. On the flat land, you can step aside and enjoy the beauty of the surroundings, without blocking anyone who is using the steps! This is very useful when you are climbing back up. You can take enough breaks, and you will not feel the tiredness as you will be lost in watching the surroundings.

Route to Waterfall

Opposite to the waterfall, there is a small shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva. Just outside the temple, there are several statues of God that gives an impression of an open temple.

Mutyala Madavu Temple


If you want to explore this place more, you can trek up the hill behind the temple. From the top of that hill, you get a bird’s eye view of the whole valley. You can spot the temple, and during monsoon, the water trail too.

Pearl Valley

On the other side, you can also view the hill from where you had climbed down. You can see a building (that hosts the restaurant) in front of which the steps are laid to get to the bottom.

Next to Pearl Valley car parking lot, a small dam is constructed to preserve and supply water to neighboring areas.

Dam Backwaters

Route over the dam


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Where to stay?

  • Bangalore

Distance Chart

From Distance (in km)
Bangalore 40
Mysore 150
Coimbatore 300
Chennai 335