Shore Temple

The shore temple at Mahabalipuram was constructed during the 7th century by the Pallava Kings. The shore temple is yet another marvel from the Pallava dynasty.

Sunrise at Shore Temple

Within the shore temple premises, there are three temples located very close to the sea shore. The oldest and the largest of them all is the temple that is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. This temple was constructed by Narasimha Varman I in the Dravidian style.

The other two temples are dedicated to Lord Shiva and is built by Narasimha Varman II. You can also find beautifully carved gate keepers at the entrance of the temple.

The shore temple is called so as it is situated on the sea shore. It is a delight to get a panoramic view of the the shore temple from a distance together with the sea!


Shore Temple

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  • Mahabalipuram / Mamallapuram

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