Tea Garden

The beauty of Munnar is enhanced by tea gardens. You can find tea plantations all over Munnar, and even several kilometers before and after Munnar. It is an absolute delight to watch the tea gardens spread over hills, valleys, roads, waterfalls, anywhere and everywhere.

You will be thrilled to watch several tea plantations, where workers will be plucking the tea leaves manually. Although many advanced machines are available to cut the tender tea leaves, many factories believe that manually plucking the tea leaves are much more effective. While the machines cut through the tender leaves, manually plucking the leaves ensures that you get only the tender leaves, without cutting it into several pieces!


A visit to Munnar during monsoon brings its own beauty when you see the tea gardens covered with mist and clouds. There are several hills around the region where tea is cultivated, and lies above the clouds! Though the visibility is greatly reduced by the mist, it is an absolute bliss taking a stroll through the tea plantations, and experience the chill of the mist, and the tiny droplets on the tea leaves.

Of course, it is a good idea to take permission from the relevant people before strolling through a private property. There are several tea factories and museums in the regions who demonstrate the tea making process: from the leaves to the market. They are also happy to take you through their plantation and teach you the art of plucking the right tea leaves for various varieties of tea (normal tea, green tea etc). If you want to purchase fresh tea powder/leaves, then they also offer the ones produced in the factory (for a much cheaper price than the market).


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