Magod Falls

Magod Falls is yet another mesmerizing waterfall found in Uttara Kannada district. This two-step falls are formed when River Bedti descends nearly 200 meters at about 17 km from Yellapur. There are two view-points from which tourists can view the waterfalls. The rocks and small shrubs block the complete view of the fall from the first view point.

Magod Falls, Yellapura, Karnataka

Magod Falls (as seen from first view point)
However, if you walk a little ahead, you will reach a second view point. You can see the complete waterfall from this view-point. The viewpoint is right opposite to the falls, and is higher than the top of the falls itself. Due to this, you can get the best view of the falls. The view is further enhanced by thick green trees on either side of the valley, as the water from the falls flows gently in the valley.

Magod Falls (from second view point)

If you walk further down from this view point, there is a very narrow walkway that can eventually lead you to the bottom of the Magod Falls. A word of caution as this route is very steep and very slippery. It is best to avoid getting to the bottom of the falls during monsoon season. Monsoon season brings its own beauty as the falls plays hide and seek with the clouds around.

Magod Falls (during monsoon)

If the weather is clear, you can see another waterfalls opposite to Magod Falls. The falls is yet unnamed (as said by a local), and can be seen only during monsoon. There is also no road that can lead us to that unnamed waterfalls. However, the falls looks great from a distance too.

Unnamed Falls opposite to Magod Falls

Kavade Kere

On the way back from Magod Falls to Yellapur, you will find a small lake called Kavade Kere. Kavade Kere is spread over 60 acres of land and is surrounded by lush green trees. The calm and quiet lake, with few birds chirping, will surely refresh your mind. You can also visit a small shrine on the banks of this lake. The shrine is dedicated to Goddess Durga.

Kavade Kere

Jenukallu Gudda

Jenukallugudda literally means hill of honey-rocks. This is a small hillock that offers panoramic view of Westerns Ghats with River Bedti flowing in the middle! The water from Magod Falls flows amidst evergreen hills, cuts through some trees, deviates its flow, and disappears from the view amidst other hillocks.

View from Jenukallugudda

The beauty of this place increases multifold during sunset, as the sun slowly sets beyond the hills, and the reflection of the sun rays falls on the water of the river. Be careful when you get out of this place after sunset, as this place is known for a huge number of bisons and King Cobras.

Panoramic View from Jenukallugudda

How to plan a visit?

Magod Falls can easily be visited over a weekend from Bangalore. There are many overnight buses operated by KSRTC that ply between Bangalore and Yellapur. On one day, you can plan to visit Sathodi Falls. And on the second day, you can plan to visit Kavade Kere, Magod Falls and Jenukallugudda. There are no luxurious places to stay at Yellapur. The available places to stay only have basic facilities.

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Where to stay?

  • Yellapur

Distance Chart

From Distance (in km)
Yellapur 18
Gokarna 88
Dharwad 90
Panjim, Goa 215
Mangalore 300
Bangalore 440