Bear Shola Falls

This beautiful but seasonal falls are formed when Parappar River flows through thick forests and cascades down! It is located at a distance of 3 km from Kodai Lake, and is accessible by foot. You have to walk through the dense forest for about half a kilometer to reach the falls. During summer, there is absolutely no water, but monsoon and post-monsoon is a good season to visit these falls.

The view of the falls in the backdrop of dense shola forests presents a very soothing and refreshing moment! While it is possible to get down and play in the water, it is not advised to do so (neither here, nor any other waterfalls in Kodaikanal due to high pollution levels in the water).

The walk to the falls in the midst of the forest is also very refreshing! The path to the falls, however, is very well paved with interconnect tiles laid all along the path.


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Madurai 120
Coimbatore 175
Kochi 280
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