Thunakadavu Dam

Thunakadavu Dam is a smaller dam (as compared to Parambikulam Dam) that is build over the river of same name. This river is a tributary of River Parambikulam over which Parambikulam Dam is built. While This Dam has its own source of water from the river, it also gets water from Parambikulam Dam through a long tunnel. The dam also gets water from another reservoir called Peruvaripallam Dam through an open cut channel.

Thunakadavu Dam

Parambikulam is a small place, but is abundant with water. The place has three dams and stores enough water. Check out what other places can be visited in Parambikulam.

Location of Thunakadavu Dam

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Where to stay?

  • Forest guest house, Parambikulam
  • Forest camps, Tree Houses, Parambikulam

Distance Chart

From Distance (in km)
Coimbatore 90
Kochi 195
Madurai 240
Mysore 290
Bangalore 440

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