Devil’s Kitchen / Guna Caves

Devil’s Kitchen is a very interesting as well as very dangerous place to visit in Kodaikanal. Devil’s Kitchen is a narrow deep valley, and has slippery rocks to get down to the caves. At some places, it is so dark that the visitor is unaware if the next step is on a rock, or into the deep and narrow opening. The deep and dark chambers between the rocks are inhabited by several bats. Since there have been several unfortunate incidents of adventurists trying to enter the caves and losing their lives, it remains closed especially during the peak season. During off peak season, some local guides are available who would take you to the caves.

View from Devils Kitchen

The dangerous drop down!

Over the period of time, there have been attempts to permanently close the entry to Guna Caves as the number of adventurists losing lives kept on increasing. Now, we can only get a distant view of the caves as iron railings have been installed to prevent visitors from entering the caves. The rocks between which Guna caves are located themselves are very interesting. These rocks are pillar shaped and protrude of a cliff. They are also called Pillar Rocks. These pillar rocks have several native Shola trees among others. The unusual rock formations are said to be due to soil erosion from the cliffs.

Pillar Rocks on the right side (from a different view point)

Pillar Rock on the right side

Top View of Guna Caves

These caves are made popular by a Tamil movie called “Guna”. After the movie’s release, several tourists and adventurists started visiting and exploring this place, and hence it is also called Guna Caves.


Guna Caves spot is accessible by foot, and you need to walk for about a kilometer amidst the tall pine tree forest. It is a delight to walk amidst the Pine forest, and reach the Guna Cave spot where the landscape suddenly changes from Pine forest to Shola forest. The view from Guna Cave spot into the valley, and the Shola forest are still a visual treat, and makes this point worth a visit.

Walk amidst Pine Forest

Pine Forest

Shola Forest


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