Coaker’s Walk

Coaker’s Walk is a narrow but well laid pedestrian path that is constructed on the slopes of Kodaikanal. The path is about 1 km, and is very picturesque with view of a valley and surrounding mountain ranges.

Entry to Coaker’s Walk


On a clear day, you can spot Dolphin’s Nose view point, valley of Pambar River, Periyakulam at a distance, and even the view of Madurai City. You can also use the telescope, present at the observatory to view some highlights of the surroundings (of course, for a nominal price). Due to the high altitude of Kodaikanal, it is covered with mist for most seasons. However, the mist clears off if you wait for some time, and then is covered again. So, you may have to be really patient if you want to get the view on a misty day. If you visit Kodaikanal on a cloudy day, you may not get a clear picture of anything from Coaker’s Walk. However, if there is a little sunshine, you can see your own shadow on the mist/cloud! 🙂

View from Coaker’s Walk on a clear day

Same view on a cloudy day 🙂

Awesome views all-over!

The surroundings of Coaker’s Walk also has a wide variety of bird life. While this place is mostly covered with clouds on most days of the year, you can spot several birds around this area on a clear day.


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Distance Chart

From Distance (in km)
Madurai 120
Coimbatore 175
Kochi 280
Mysore 335
Bangalore 465