Dubbare Elephant Camp

Dubbare (Dubare) elephant training camp was the place earlier where the elephants were trained for Mysore Dasara festival. Today, the place is open for visitors and they can learn a lot about elephants. A trained person would explain elephants’ history, ecology and biology. Visitors are allowed to participate in various “elephant-maintenance” jobs during the day and in the evenings they take eager tourists for free elephant rides within the camp. The camp is located right next to River Cauvery.

Dubbare Elephant Camp

Visitors to Dubbare also have an option to go for river rafting. The rafting route starts from the elephant camp and you can raft all the way up to Cauvery Nisargadhama. Dubare is around 60 km from Madikeri. The route from Madikeri to Kushalnagar (40 km) to Gudde Hosur (4 km), then take a left towards Siddapura. About 15 km on the Siddapura road, there is a board of Dubare Elephant Camp. Take a left there and 0.5 km from there is bank of River Cauvery. The elephant camp is on the other side of the river.

River Rafting at Dubbare



Dubbare Elephant Camp

Where to stay?

  • Kushalnagar
  • Madikeri

Distance Chart

From Distance (in km)
Mysore 105
Mangalore/Calicut 175
Bangalore 240
Coimbatore 300


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