Diu Museum

Diu Museum is located near Diu Fort is yet another attraction of Diu. The museum has several artifacts from the past when Diu was under the Portuguese rule. If you look at the museum from outside, you may feel that it resembles a church built in the Gothic style. That is because the Diu Museum earlier used to be St. Thomas Church. The church was later converted into a museum to exhibit items to the general public.

Diu Museum, Diu

Diu Museum, Diu

Diu Museum exhibits several artifacts that include antique statues, stone inscriptions from the past, intricate wooden carvings, idols of several saints and various other items. Many of these items are collected from several excavations that were done in this region.

Diu Museum, Diu Diu Museum, Diu
Diu Museum, Diu Diu Museum, Diu
Diu Museum, Diu




Diu Museum, Diu

The evenings are even more beautiful as the Diu Museum is illuminated with lights of different colors. The park that is exactly opposite to Diu Museum is a great place to sit and enjoy the beauty of the lights on the museum. The park also has several fountains that adds to the beauty.

Diu Museum, Diu

Park opposite to the church


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