Kuthumkal Falls

Kuthumkal Waterfalls is located at around 30 km from Munnar on the Rajakkad road. This picturesque waterfalls is formed when the water drops down at multiple levels. The falls is located on the road side, and hence access to it is very easy.


A small trek from this falls upstream will lead you to a more spectacular and bigger waterfalls also called Kutumkal Waterfalls. It is a good idea to talk to locals to get the right direction to reach the bigger waterfall.



Whether it is the bigger falls or the smaller one, the place is very relaxing and is ideal for spending enough time! Though it is labelled as a good picnic spot, you can hardly spot anyone here. So you can be in the middle of a picturesque waterfalls, settling in one of the rocks where there is water above and below you, listen to the roaring sound of the waterfalls, and be lost in the thoughts of the absolutely mesmerizing natural surroundings!


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Where to stay?

  • Munnar

Distance Chart

From Distance (in km)
Munnar 30
Kochi 130
Madurai 150
Coimbatore 185
Trivandrum 240
Bangalore 520