Gadisar Lake

Gadisar Lake is a man-made lake that was built during 1400 AD by the first king of Jaisalmer, Raja Rawal Jaisal. It was later revamped during the then rule of Maharwal Gadsi Singh. The lake was originally constructed to store water which later used to be supplied to the whole town of Jaisalmer. During those times, water in this region used to be a scare resource, and hence this lake was also considered holy. You can notice several shrines that were built during that period all though the banks of this lake. Though, in the current times, the original idea of supplying the lake water to the town is not true, the lake still retains enough rain water throughout the year.

The lake also attracts several birds. You can notice several pigeons, ducks etc during the visit to Gadisar Lake. Apart from visiting the lake, you can also stroll around the banks of the lake and spend enough time watching the beauty of the lake from all directions! You can also opt for a boat ride on the lake and visit few smaller island structures that are formed within the lake.

There are several watch towers built around the lake. You can climb one of those watch towers to get the bird’s eye view of the lake!


If you visit Gadisar Lake during sunset time, you are sure to get some amazing views. Though the sun disappears among few buildings, the colors that are formed during the sunset, and its reflection on water are really spectacular to watch.

The lake has several gateways that are made of the golden sandstones that are available in this region. One of the prominent gateways was built by a courtesan named ‘Tilon’ and is called ‘Tilon Ki Pol’ which means Gate of Tilon. Tilon dedicated this structure to Lord Satyanarayan by placing a statue of Lord Vishnu much against the wishes of the king. Despite several attempts to remove the shrine, the shrine still survives!

Entry to Gadisar Lake

Tilon Ki Pol


Gadisar Lake

Where to Stay?

  • Tents or mud cottages at Sam Desert
  • Jaisalmer

Distance Chart

From Distance (in km)
Jaisalmer 0
Jodhpur 285
Bikaner 320
Mount Abu 440
Jaipur 555


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