Phantom Rock

Phantom Rock is a natural rock site nestled in the Western Ghats. The rock stands out as it is located at a height. The uniqueness of this rock is the shape of the rock that looks like the face of Phantom, and hence the name Phantom Rock. The shape of the rock is natural, and is naturally placed over a bigger boulder that is located on a small rocky hill. Phantom Rock is surrounded by lush greenery at a lower altitude. This makes the picturesque Phantom Rock stand out. If you are an adventurist, you can try getting close to the Phantom Rock, and even try to climb the rock to get as high as you can. Note that Phantom Rock does not attract huge crowd, and the area is sparsely populated. Hence you may not get a guidance/assistance if you get lost. If you do not have a good sense of directions, then it is good to avoid trekking to the rock.

Phantom Rock is also locally called Cheengeri Mala or Thalappara and is located 17 km from Kalpetta towards Sulthan Batheri. You need to take a deviation at Meenangadi (10 km from Kalpetta) and follow the direction boards. When you reach close to Phantom Rock, you will find a board that reads “Phantom Rock 0”, however, you will not know where to go. There is nothing else to help out! A small shop which sells tea and small eats is closeby, and they pointed towards a gate that leads you inside a private property! If you are lucky and the gate is open, and you can see the view of Phantom Rock after trekking for about 300-400m.

View from Phantom Rock


On Map (Entry from private property)

Someone suggested this entry point (Try at your own risk)

Where to stay?

  • Kalpetta


From Distance (in km)
Kalpetta 15
Calicut 92
Mysore 125
Bangalore 275