Liril Falls

This falls has many names: Pambar Falls, Grand Cascade Falls, Vatakanal Falls, or Liril Falls. This is located 3 km from the town of Kodaikanal, and is located very next to the road. There are vendors next to the falls who sell some shopping items and some small eats.

Pambar River descends down about 40-50 feet, on a series of uneven steps. The step-like cuts on the rocks adds to the beauty of the water cascading down. At the foot of the falls, a small pond is created where visitors can get into the water and play.

The falls is called Liril Falls after an advertisement for Liril Soap was shot here. This falls was used to shoot almost all ads of Liril over a period of several years, and hence the falls gradually began to be called as Liril Falls.


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  • Kodaikanal

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From Distance (in km)
Madurai 120
Coimbatore 175
Kochi 285
Mysore 340
Bangalore 470