Shimla Ridge

The Ridge is a large open space located in the heart of Shimla. Situated in the lower part of the Ridge is the Mall Road which is the commercial hub of Shimla. You can find almost every visitor either shopping here, or dining at a restaurant, or just walking around! You can also visit Lakkar Bazaar, which is known for its wooden show pieces. The upper region is a large open space and is the hub of any cultural activity in Shimla. The Ridge also offers amazing views of the surrounding hills and valleys.

Sunset at The Ridge, Shimla


View from The Ridge, Shimla

The most notable landmark of the Ridge is the Christ Church. This church is considered to be one of the oldest churches in North India and was built in the span of 11 years by the British and was opened in 1857. If you are at Ridge it is almost impossible not to notice the church. The stunning appearance and its location attracts visitors’ eyes immediately.

Christ Church, The Ridge, Shimla

It is a stunning sight to look at the church at night. The church is beautifully illuminated by the lights that are positioned strategically to provide the best view possible. The church glows with beauty and stands out from rest of the illuminated buildings at night!

Christ Church, The Ridge, Shimla

It is a refreshing experience to walk around The Ridge. It is one of the very few places (or the only place?) in India where the main commercial hub of the town has no entry for vehicles. So visitors are free to walk around, or stop suddenly in the middle of the road for taking pictures, without having to worry about vehicles! How many times have you taken pictures of beautiful natural surroundings by standing in the middle of a road without affecting vehicles? 🙂

Sunset at The Ridge, Shimla

Sunset at Shimla

Sunset at The Ridge, Shimla

Stunning view of the clouds at Shimla

Night View from The Ridge, Shimla

Town at night

The town around The Ridge is beautifully illuminated at night. It makes the stroll around the town absolutely pleasant and mesmerizing. The colorful trees, multicolored buildings, water fountains add to the beauty of Shimla.

The Ridge, Shimla

Illuminated tree

Colorful Buildings at The Ridge, Shimla

Town Hall or Municipal Corporation Building

Fountain at Shimla

Water fountain at a public garden

The walk from the church, downstreet to “Scandal Point” (which is the meeting point of Ridge road and the Mall Road), and a stroll through the Mall Road is a perfect evening spent in Shimla. Start the evening from watching beautiful natural surroundings, amazing sunset beyond the hills, stroll around the town and watch colorful buildings, go shopping for souvenirs or woolen clothes, and end by having dinner in a fine restaurant or local street food! Wow! Does that make you go there right away? You are not alone 🙂


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