Parambikulam Tunnel

Parambikulam Tunnel is a long tunnel that connects all the dams nearby. The primary purpose of this tunnel is to let the water flow from one dam to the other. Visitors do not get permission to enter the tunnel. However, you can visit the Parambikulam tunnel entry point and click a photo 🙂 The forest guide who will accompany you to this place will give the background to this place.

While on the way to Parambikulam tunnel, you can also visit a small waterfall nearby. The waterfall is not named as it is a very small waterfall. Nevertheless, the water flows down on a rocky terrain, and forms a small pool at the base. You can get into the water and feel the cold water falling on you directly.


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Where to stay?

  • Forest guest house, Parambikulam
  • Forest camps, Tree Houses, Parambikulam

Distance Chart

From Distance (in km)
Coimbatore 100
Kochi 200
Madurai 240
Mysore 300
Bangalore 450