Thannirbhavi Beach

Thannirbhavi Beach is a secluded beach in the outskirts of the city of Mangalore in Karnataka which is slowly gaining popularity. This beach acts as the best alternative to highly commercialized Panambur Beach, which is located just a few kilometers away. This beautiful beach is a perfect place to see the sun disappear!

This spectacular beach is quite popular among the locals, and very few other visitors who have heard about this place. This makes Thannirbhavi Beach a favourite among its visitors. Until few years back, there were hardly any facilities for visitors on the beach. However, with the introduction of basic facilities like a couple of eateries, a vehicle parking lot, and a few huts to avoid the direct sunlight, this beach is slowly being frequented by visitors.

Thannirbhavi Beach, Mangalore, Karnataka

Sunset at Thannirbhavi Beach

Being close to the city of Mangalore, Thannirbhavi Beach gets a lot of visitors from the city itself. It hardly takes about 10-15 minutes to reach the beach from the city, and hence the beach has the highest crowed just few minutes before the sunset.

The waves at Thannirbhavi Beach sometimes are very fierce, and hence getting deep into the water is not very advisable. There are no lifeguards at this beach, and it also has very few visitors. Hence, there may not be much of help if you need any!

How to plan a visit to Thannirbhavi Beach?

Mangalore is well connected from the rest of the country by air, rail and road. The rail route from Goa to Mangalore is very scenic. The train route runs parallel to the beach, and also goes through various picturesque tunnels. Mangalore is also very well connected by bus from  the state capital, Bangalore. There are numerous buses (both private and KSRTC) that ply between the two cities, and has pickup/drop points from almost all the areas within the city.

There are two ways to reach Thannirbhavi Beach from the city of Mangalore. First, by road. The route to the beach from Kuloor Bridge is very scenic, as the road runs parallel to Gurupura River. On one side of the road, you can see the beautiful and calm river flowing towards the sea. The other side of the road, has several industries starting with KIOCL.

The second way to reach Thannirbhavi Beach is by taking a ferry on the River Gurupura from Sultan Battery (within the city limits of Mangalore). Sultan Battery is an archeological site which has a watch tower that was built during the rule of Tipu Sultan in the 18th Century.


Where to stay?

  • Mangalore / Mangaluru

Distance Chart

From Distance (in km)
Gokarna 230
Calicut 245
Mysore 260
Bangalore 360