Achalgarh Temple

Achalgarh Shiva Temple is a temple located at about 11 km from Mount Abu at Achalgarh. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, and is referred here is Achaleshwar Mahadev. Achaleshwar translates to “Immovable Shiva”, and is called so as the temple is built around a toe print of Lord Shiva himself! It is also believed that the shiva linga in this temple is natural! As with other Shiva temples, Achalgarh temple also has a Nandi. The speciality of Nandi at this temple is that it is made of an alloy called Panchaloha that is composed of five metals – gold, silver, copper, brass and zinc. Within the temple, you can also find a small hole which, the locals say, extends all the way to hell.

Nandi Statue made of Panchaloha

Ganapati Temple

There are various other idols which are sculpted out of a special crystal like stone. When exposed to natural light, these idols look opaque, but if you place a candle behind the idols, they sparkle just like a crystal.

Just behind the Achalgarh Shiva temple, there are three stone buffaloes at the edge of a huge tank called Mandakini Lake. According to a popular belief, the tank was once filled with ghee, but three demons in the shape of buffaloes, came here thereby polluting the ghee. Angry with the buffaloes spoiling the ghee of huge quantity, the then king Raja Adi Pal killed the buffaloes!

Mandakini Lake (now completely dry)

Stone buffaloes

Close to the Achalgarh temple, you can also find Achalgarh fort that was built by Maharana Kumbha and is situated on a hill top. The now abandoned fort offers picturesque views of the surroundings. A small climb from the fort would take you to Jain temples which also offer beautiful views of the surroundings.


Achaleshwar Temple

Achalgarh Fort

Where to stay?

  • Mount Abu

Distance Chart

From Distance (in km)
Udaipur 160
Ahmedabad 220
Jodhpur 270
Jaisalmer 440
Jaipur 500

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