Deeg Palace

Deeg is a small town but was once the summer capital of Jat Kings. The palace of Deeg was built by Badan Singh in the 18th century. Being with close proximity to Agra, the palace has seen several attacks from Mughals and other invaders. The palace was reconstructed later by his successor and son Suraj Mal.

Deeg Palace, Rajasthan

Deeg Palace against Gopal Sagar Lake

Deeg Palace

An elegant entrance to Deeg Palace

Closer look at the intricate work at the entrance

The palace has four main buildings which are named Gopal Bhavan, Keshav Bhavan, Kishan Bhavan, Nand Bhavan! The main building Gopal Bhavan is building at the center in the above photo. It looks as if it is a four-storied building from this angle. However, from the front side, it looks as a two-storied building! The first two stories of the building is always submerged in water (not anymore)! The Keshav Bhavan is located at the opposite end of the palace, next to the Roop Sagar Lake. You can see water canal the flows between the two Bhavans, and there are hundreds of fountains and water jets all along the canal which used to beautify the palace in the earlier days. The fountains and the water jets used to be activated by bullocks carrying water buckets through a pulley system that was invented for this purpose!

View of Gopal Bhavan from Keshav Bhavan

Roop Sagar Lake as seen from Keshav Bhavan

Deeg Palace

Interiors of the palace

Interiors of the palace

The palace has a mixed architecture of Mughals and Rajputs. The palace is surrounded by two lakes on two sides: Gopal Sagar Lake and Roop Sagar Lake. The lakes were constructed to keep the temperature of the premises lower. The palace has many gardens, and there are fountains all over the garden. While for most part of the year, water does not flow through the fountains, on special occasions like during festivals (such as Holi), colors are mixed in the waters and the fountains that give an impression of colored water flowing through them. The beauty if further enhanced by a system that produces thunder-like sounds giving an impression of real monsoon!

Deeg Palace

Location of Deeg Palace

You can find the location here.

Where to stay?

  • Jaipur
  • Agra (UP)

Distance Chart

From Distance (in km)
Agra (UP) 90
Delhi 155
Gwalior (MP) 200
Jaipur 200

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