Vedantangal Bird Sanctuary

Vedantangal Bird Sanctuary is located at about 75 km from Chennai and is spread across 75 acres of lake/land. Vedantangal has several migratory birds that visit during various seasons of the year. Vedangangal Bird Sanctuary naturally attracts several birds due to several lakes around the region that acts as feeding ground for them. More than the natural surrounding that attracts the birds, it is the local people who have encouraged the development and maintenance of this place. The local people have quickly realized that the droppings from the birds acts as natural fertilizer. Soon after they realized that, they united to protect the birds from the British personnel who used to shoot the birds as their favorite pass time. It is that unity that Vedantangal was then recognized as a bird sanctuary.








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Where to stay?

  • Mahabalipuram (50 km)
  • Chennai

Distance Chart

From Distance (in km)
Chennai 85
Pondicherry 100
Bangalore 325
Coimbatore 440