Rock Beach / Promenade Beach

Rock Beach / Promenade Beach is a 1.2 km long stretch of road that runs along the Bay of Bengal at the heart of the town of Pondicherry. Being in close vicinity to the town, you can find lots of people strolling on the road throughout the stretch.

Rock Beach, Pondicherry

Rock Beach

The Promenade Beach stretch starts at Gourbert Avenue and ends at the French War Memorial. A walk along this road is rejuvenating, especially in the early morning during the sunrise time. It is during this time that you can find people doing several refreshing things on this stretch. You can find people exercising or practicing yoga on the beach. You can find other jogging/running, many others just strolling around, and others just sitting on one of the rocks, and patiently waiting for the sun to rise!

Rock/Promenade Beach, Pondicherry

Sunrise at Rock Beach

Rock Beach, Pondicherry

Sun playing hide and seek with clouds 🙂

The whole stretch along the beach is very neat and clean. It certainly adds to the refreshing feeling that you get while strolling around here. There are many cafes and shops that sell tea/coffee early in the morning. You can see many visitors sitting in these cafes, sipping hot tea/coffee and watching the pleasant sunrise!

Rock Beach, Pondicherry


Rock Beach, Pondicherry

In the evenings too, when the sun is not so harsh, you can enjoy the walk, with cool breeze coming from the sea. A lot of street vendors also setup their stalls and sell some quick snacks/chats. During most weekend evenings, events are held at this beach, near the statue of Mahatma Gandhi. This place is lively till late in the night.

Rock Beach, Pondicherry

Mahatma Gandhi Statue



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From Distance (in km)
Chennai 170
Bangalore 320
Madurai 335
Coimbatore 385



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