Ladies’ Seat

Ladies’ Seat in Yercaud is actually a rock formation that is in the shape of a seat. The place is now commercialized with iron fencing all round that it is tough to determine the shape of the rock itself. The fencing is to safeguard the visitors against any untoward incidents, as the rock is on the end of a 200 feet free fall into the plains below! A watch tower is present next to the rock which provides panoramic view of the plain land below, and the Salem town few kilometers away. The watch tower also has a telescope that can provide closer view of Mettur Dam and River Cauvery too.


View of some of the 20 hairpin bends to reach Yercaud

With the advent of the evening, the beauty of this place magnifies significantly. This place offers the best sunset in the whole of Yercaud. You can see the sun playing hide and seek with the clouds, and slowly disappearing beyond the plain lands of Salem town.

The place gets its name as this was one of the favorite recreational spot for ladies during the British rule. During those days, the British ladies around this place used to host kitty parties here. It also used to be the favorite spots for hanging out.

At night time, this point gives amazing views of Salem Town!



Ladies’ Seat

Where to stay?

  • Yercaud
  • Salem

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