Kannimara Teak

Kannimara Teak is supposed to be the world’s largest living teak tree. With a base circumference of 6.5 meters, and a total height of over 48.5 meters (and growing), the teak tree is a prime attraction in this region. As a general visitor to Parambikulam Forests, you may miss to spot the tree as it is surrounded by several trees (which is, of course, very natural when you visit a forest). However, the forest guide who will accompany you will make sure you will not miss this spot.

Kannimara Teak Tree is about 450 years old and thus is also the oldest teak tree in the region. According to the locals belief, the tree was once attempted to be cut. However, when the cut was attempted, blood spurted out of it at the place of the cut. After that incident, locals worship the tree as “Virgin Tree”. In fact, the name Kannimara means Virgin Tree (Kanni means Virgin and Mara means Tree). This tree has been awarded ‘Mahavriksha Puraskar’ by the Government of India.



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Where to stay?

  • Forest guest house, Parambikulam
  • Forest camps, Tree Houses, Parambikulam

Distance Chart

From Distance (in km)
Coimbatore 100
Kochi 200
Madurai 240
Mysore 300
Bangalore 450


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