Nagoa Beach

The calm waters of the sea making its way to the golden sandy beach skirted by the greenery of palm and locally grown Hoka trees make Nagoa beach quite popular among visitors to Diu. Nagoa Beach can be termed as the most popular and most commercial of all the beaches in Diu.

Nagoa Beach

Rocky surfaces at the beach

For visitors, Nagoa Beach offers wide variety of water sports including parasailing, jet ski ride, banana boat ride and so on. Apart from the water sports, visitors can also go for a camel or pony ride along the beach. The parasailing experience at Nagoa Beach provides spectacular view of Diu’s shoreline and the surrounding greenery. You can also get a glimpse of the deserted Diu airport at a distance.


The mild waves of the sea, the shallowness of the water, the gentle sound of water, and the serene breeze makes Nagoa Beach and ideal spot relaxing your mind and body.
Nagoa Beach is also a perfect place to take a stroll along the shoreline and enjoying the nature to the fullest. Being the most popular among all the beaches in Diu, there are various street vendors, shacks and small restaurants at the edge of the beach where you can sit and enjoy the waves from a distance. There are various resorts right across the beach that still retain the Portuguese style.

Overall, Nagoa Beach is a perfect place to take a break and relax. For the adventurists, there are various water sports to choose from. For the explorers, just strolling around the sandy beaches and the rocky islands should keep them busy. For those who come just for relaxation, you can just sit on one of the shacks and enjoy the beach. The beach does remind us of the beaches in Goa. Of course, it is not as crowded as Goa, but is definitely a very good alternative to Goa. I am not sure why the beach is called Nagoa, does it mean the beach resembles Goa, but it is not Goa? 🙂 (Na Goa in Hindi means not Goa)


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Distance Chart

From Distance (in km)
Somnath 85
Junagarh 150
Rajkot 235
Ahmedabad 355

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