Vellore Fort

Vellore is a city that is located on the banks of Palar River and is 150 km from Chennai and 200 km from Bangalore. Vellore has had its share of history when the city was ruled by several kingdoms at different periods. Starting from Pallavas, Cholas, Vijayanagar Empire, Rashtrakutas, Nawabs, and the British. Vellore Fort is built during 16th Century by the Vijayanagar Empire. The strongly built walls of the fort is guarded by water body and was filled with crocodiles. This was built in such a way to make it difficult for the enemies to enter the fort by any other alternative means. The fort consists of a temple, a mosque and a church. The fort also has a museum that has several collections from the ancient times.

Vellore Fort

Guarded by water body on all sides

Inside the fort – well maintained by Archaeological Survey of India

Present city can be seen on the outskirts of the fort

Inside the museum

The water body has dried up at few places

And at some places, it has been reduced to dirty waste water!


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Distance Chart

From Distance (in km)
Chennai 140
Pondicherry 170
Bangalore 215
Coimbatore 395