Pagoda Point

Pagoda Point is another view point in Yercaud that provides panoramic view of the surrounding plains. This place offers spectacular sunset and sunrise views. The view from this point covers the Salem town and the nearby Kakambadi village. Visitors come to this place mainly during the sunset/sunrise time to take a glimpse of the amazing views during that time.


Kakambadi Village

The 4 km route to Pagoda Point passes through the country side. The narrow road passes through thick green vegetation, and drive through this route itself is very soothing.


The place got its name due to mounds of stones that have been arranged by the locals to resemble a “pagoda” of temple. Now, there is a temple dedicated to Lord Rama next to the pagoda.

Pagoda on the left, view point on the right

Another view of Pagoda

If you are planning to visit Pagoda Point, make sure to carry small eats (like chips, biscuits etc). Apart from a couple of carts which sells fruits and other small eateries, there is nothing else at this place. If the number of visitors are very less, then you can’t find the carts or any eateries!


Pagoda Point

Where to stay?

  • Yercaud
  • Salem

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From Distance (in km)
Coimbatore 205
Bangalore 220
Chennai 370