Soochippara Falls

Soochippara Falls is one of the prime attractions of Wayanad. This grand waterfall is formed as water cascades down 200m / 650ft in the middle of thick forest! This is second highest waterfall in Wayanad and is surrounded by high hills full of evergreen trees on all sides. The water touches down a valley, after which the water finds its way between high hills to join River Chaliyar (also called River Chulika in this region).

A huge pool is formed where the water touches the ground, and the water looses its force and gently flows downstream. This nature of the falls makes it very attractive to the visitors to get into the water and spend ample time playing with it. You can actually stand right beneath the waterfalls, and feel the water dropping down 200 m directly on you.

The waterfalls is named after two words: ‘Soochi’ which means needle, and ‘para’ which means rock. It is named so as the falls is found amidst needle shaped sentinel/granite rocks. However, the rocks have now eroded and lost the shape that resembles needle. Soochippara falls is also called Sentinel Rock falls due to the surrounding rocks.

Soochippara Falls is located at around 25 km from Kalpetta and 13 km from the nearest town Meppadi. The drive from Meppadi to Soochippara Falls is fascinating as you drive though the tea plantations and spice gardens. While Soochippara Falls has big parking spot for buses and cars, you can easily run out of space on a busy weekend. The path leading you to the falls is very narrow, and you can find cars parked on either side of that narrow path which can extend up to one kilometer, if you happen to visit on a long weekend!

Walkway to the falls

There is a nominal entry fee to Soochippara Falls. From the ticket counter, the falls is about 1-1.5 km walk/trek. Most part of the distance is a mild descent, however, the last 500-700m is a steep descent down a well laid path. There is a view point just before the steep descend which overlooks the thick forests and the surrounding hills. You can actually hear the waterfall from this place! The last 500 meters is an exciting trek as with every step the sound of the waterfall gets louder, and you get curious to get a glimpse of the waterfalls. However, the view is shielded by thick trees around. You can get a glimpse only when you are about 50-70 steps away, and that is a magnificent view of the falls!

Long walk to the falls

When you get down to the base of the falls, you can see several people taking a dip in the pool below. Several other people find places on the rocks nearby just to enjoy the view of the waterfall! The base of the falls is large enough to accommodate all visitors even on a busy weekend. But it can get very noisy!

Scenic Route to the falls

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  • Kalpetta


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Kalpetta 25
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