Sathodi Falls

Sathodi Falls is yet another waterfall found in North Karnataka region. This is a small waterfall (about 15 meters) but is really beautiful. The falls are rectangular and the water flows directly down on the left side and on the right side, it is interrupted by a small step. The stunning waterfalls in the middle of thick lush forests provides a spectacular view for all the visitors. Several unnamed streams in the region converge in the upstream, and then cascade into this amazing waterfalls.

Sathodi Falls

Sathodi Falls is located around 30 km from Yellapura. Being not so popular, for most part of the year, you can rarely find any visitors to this falls. However, during longer weekends, the number of visitors increase. You can even notice that the visitors would have parked their cars on the narrow road itself. On some longer weekends, especially in the post monsoon season, you may need to park your vehicle almost a kilometer earlier than usual. The narrow mud road ends near a small tea/snack stall. From that point, you have to trek for about one kilometer to reach the falls. The mild flat trek can be quite exiting as at some places you walk on a raised platform. One one side of the platform you can see some water stream flowing through, and on the other side, you can see a water canal that is used for cultivating the land nearby.

Sathodi Falls during monsoon
The base of the falls is easily accessible for most part of the year. However, during monsoon, the water flows with such a force that it is difficult to get to the base of the waterfalls. The slippery rocks near the base of the falls make it difficult for the visitors to get to the base! However, you can sit on one of these rocks, listening to the deafening sound of the water, and gaze the beauty of the falls.

Kodasalli Dam Backwaters

On the way back from Sathodi falls, after you trek/hike back, you can take a break at a small tea stall. With permission from the tea vendor, you can visit his private estate and a mild downhill trek will take you to the backwaters of Kodasalli Dam. Kodasalli Dam is constructed across River Kali to generate power from the stored water. Water from Sathodi falls flows downstream to join this backwaters.

There are several dead tree trunks that protrude out of the water near the banks of the lake and gives an interesting view. You can find few more tree trunks are cut and are lying around on the ground. On a chilly day, it is an amazing moment to sit in one of those trunks and sip a hot cup of tea, and at the same time admire the beauty of the lake/backwaters and the surrounding thick evergreen forest!

Shivapura River Bridge

On the way back from Sathodi falls to Yellapura, you will see a small board (written in Kannada) that says Way to Shivapura. A mild trek in that direction will take you to the backwaters. Local residents on the other side of the backwaters have to cross the backwaters using a rope and a wooden moving bridge. You need to pull the rope on the top, and because of the pressure, the wooden plank starts moving ahead.

It was really an awesome experience getting into that “boat”. It is sad that people in the village on the other side of backwaters do not have basic infrastructure to get to their homes! Whatever is an “experience” for us, is a pain to the locals!

Ganesh Gudi

About 7 km from Sathodi Falls towards Yellapur, you can spot a small but beautiful shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva called Ganesh Gudi. The temple is located amidst awesome greenery!

Ganesh Gudi



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Where to stay?

  • Yellapur (17 km)

Distance Chart

From Distance (in km)
Yellapur 17
Dharwad 90
Gokarna 94
Panjim, Goa 200
Bangalore 460


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