Diu Fort

Diu Fort is a beautiful fort constructed by the Portuguese at the tip of Diu Island. The fort is covered with sea water on three sides, with massive outer and inner walls acting as a protection to the fort. A deep ditch stands between the outer and inner walls that is filled with water to protect the fort from the invaders.

Entry to the fort

Entry gate

Another Entry Gate

There are several monuments inside the fort. This includes three churches and one temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. All the churches are now closed for public, so you can get only an outside view of them.

Lord Shiva Temple


The fort has several cannons, some made of bronze, that can be found all over the fort. The fort also has a large light house at one end. From near the light house, you can find spectacular view of the surrounding sea of clear water. The cliff on which the light house is built also happens to be the highest point in Diu.

With very minimal tourist information available about the Diu Fort, the visitors now just walk around and explore all of the fort on their own. The fort has various locations that provide panoramic view of clear waters of Arabian Sea.

Climbing up the fort wall


View from the outside wall of the fort

This is supposedly the prison!



Several windows from where soldiers can watch out for invaders



View near the light house





Diu Fort

Where to stay?


Distance Chart

From Distance (in km)
Somnath 85
Junagarh 150
Rajkot 235
Ahmedabad 355


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