K Gudi

K Gudi or Kyatdevara Gudi is located in the BR Hills (Biligiri Rangana Hills) Wildlife Sanctuary. K Gudi has a wilderness camp run by Jungle Lodges (Govt of Karnataka). The camp organizes treks, jeep safaris into the forest.

Forest range at K Gudi

Wilderness Camp

K Gudi camp is located in the middle of the forest range. There is absolutely no human settlements for several kilometers around the camp. Hence the chances of encountering wild animals is very high. In fact, you can spot several herds of deers and wild boars right at the camp itself.

Elephant taking bath

Spotted Deer

The camp provides some delicious food to the visitors. In the evening, visitors are taken for a jeep safari that lasts for more than two hours. The jeep ride into the thick forests is the highlight of the trip. As you enter inside the forest, you can hear various sounds of the animals that live here. You can hear the birds chirping, deers making alarm calls (usually when a predator is around), you can even hear monkeys passing the alarm calls to alert that a predator is ready to hunt somewhere in the vicinity. As the forest is very thick, it is sometimes difficult to spot the animals, they may be right behind the bush next to you, but you may never notice! But the alarm calls of the deers, and the monkeys passing it on is one of the rare experiences that you will come across here (if you are lucky, that is 🙂 )!

Indian Gaur/Bisons

In the evenings, the camp runs a video that introduces the surrounding areas, and the forest itself. A camp fire along with a delicious dinner concludes the activities for the day. If you are curious and adventurous, try to venture out of the cottage (but do not cross the premises). You may encounter a few visitors from the wild! The guards at the camp said that they even noticed leopards during the night!

If you are interested, you can take another jeep safari the next morning before checking out from the very adventurous camp! Or you can opt for other activities like jungle trek, or elephant safari!


K Gudi Wilderness Camp

Where to stay?

  • Few jungle camps at K Gudi
  • K Gudi Guest House

Distance Chart

From Distance (in km)
Mysore 90
Coimbatore 160
Bangalore 190


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