Jodikere is amidst the Satyamangalam forest at the border of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Jodikere is accessible only by walk/trek. The name in Kannada means twin lakes. This is because of the twin lakes that are present near the Jodikere anti-pouching camp. This camp is located in the middle of the dense forest which is home to a lot of wild animals like Indian Gaur, Spotted Deer, Cheetal, Sambar Deer, Wild Boar, Sloth Bear etc.

One of the lakes that form “Jodikere”

The trekking to and camping at Jodikere used to be organized by Mystery Trails ( but now the site doesn’t exist). This is a two day trek that was organized. On the first day, we have to trek from BedaguLi to Jodikere. Jodikere has a anti-pouching camp, where we can stay for the night at a small building. The building has just two rooms and nothing more! Then next day, the trek starts from Jodikere and we trek to Bylore. The trek starts from BedaguLi everyday at 2:30 PM. Hence you should plan to reach BedaguLi atleast by 2:00 PM.

Trek starting point: Forest office at BedaguLi

The best way of transportation is to hire a taxi, get down at Bedaguli, ask the cab driver to reach Bylore, by next day. Food is not available at the camp. Hence you have to carry groceries with you while trekking. The forest guards-cum-cooks who will accompany you during the trek will also cook for you when you retire for the day at the camp.

Anti-pouching camp at Jodikere

The camp is located on a small hill top, and hence you can see the surrounding forests on all the sides. The sunset view from the camp is one of the most beautiful sunsets that you may come across. The few rocks that are around forms amazing silhouettes when the sun slowly descends down behind one of the lower hills!

During Sunset

From Bangalore go to Chamarajnagar (210 km). From there, Bedaguli is about 65 km. There are two buses scheduled to ply from Chamarajnagar to Bedaguli. One departs at 1:30 PM and reaches Bedaguli at 4:30 PM. The other departs at 2:30 PM and reaches at 5:30 PM. If you have your own transportation, then from Chamarajanagar, take the Sathyamangalam road to reach Punjur gate. From Punjur gate take a deviation towards left that leads to Bedaguli Forest Guest House.

Indian Gaur/Bison

Wild Boar

Please excuse the quality of photos 🙁

The trek from the anti-pouching camp to Bylore is very difficult in the beginning. From the camp, you have to ascend to quite a height, before hiking across a steep descent. The descent is the toughest part where your legs starts shivering due to lack of energy. Also, there is hardly any place to rest as the terrain is hilly and very steep. Once you get down the hill, you will come across a small stream of water where you can relax and spend ample time to regain your energy. The trek/hike from this place is a flat trek and slowly moves away from the forest! The last couple of kilometers is actually a walk amidst a small village!

PS: I am not sure if this trek is still being organized by the forest department. Bedaguli Forest office, or Chamarajanagar would be the right place to seek more information about the same.


On Map

Where to stay?

  • Anti-Poaching Camp, Jodikere (Forest Permission Required)

Distance Chart

From Distance (in km)
Mysore 120
Coimbatore 125
Bangalore 200
Chennai 510


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