Balamuri Falls

A short drive from Mysore towards Krishna Raja Sagar Dam (KRS Dam) will lead you to this wonderful man-made waterfall. This short waterfall is formed when water from River Cauvery drops down by about 6 feet, over a wall that was built to store the water of the river (check dam). The stored water then irrigates nearby fields via various canals. The excess water then flows down.

During monsoon, the water levels are so high, that the “waterfall” is almost invisible. It is even dangerous to get into water at that time, as the water currents are so high that people can be washed away. During the non-monsoon season, this place is ideal to get into water and play (but exercise caution as the water is dam controlled, and the water levels may change very quickly when dam releases water).


Balamuri Falls

Where to stay?

  • Mysore

Distance Chart

From Distance (in km)
Mysore 20
Bangalore 145
Coimbatore 220
Calicut 240
Mangalore 255


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