Set sailing on Yatching experience in Dubai

Dubai, the modern wonderland in the world of today has transformed into a favourite tourist destination. All that tourists look forward to during their much-needed vacations is present in Dubai. This affluent emirate of the United Arab Emirates has a whole lot of attractions served on a platter. All sorts of tourists are bound to find something of their specific interest. To name further, adventure and thrill activities, world-class shopping, luxury tours, and art and culture hubs. Further, aqua activities, relaxing getaways, luxury food and dining, stunning architecture and much more. 

Bordering the Persian Gulf waters on the west, Dubai is well-suited for some fun time on the water. Many tourists who wish to enjoy water sports such as jet skiing, flyboarding, scuba diving, and snorkelling come here. If you are not much amused with the list, wait, there is more to do in Dubai. What about a soothing sailing and a yachting experience to make your trip enriching? There are several options for spending your vacation on the waterfront. That’s how versatile Dubai is. 

Here is a brief about all the spots that offer great relaxation on the water in amazing Dubai.

Dubai Marina Yacht Tour

A little towards the interior and parallel to the Marina beach are the calm waters of the Dubai Marina water stretch. This is a great place to take up the Dubai Marina Yacht Tour.The options for tourists. You could go on shared rides, cosy couple rides and also in smaller groups to enjoy the serene waters and have fun. More in store. You could opt for great food on board with barbeque and a variety of dining options whenever you take the ride. The timings of the yacht rides are from morning till night. The choice is entirely yours. As you sail over the water, do look out for the amazing skyline with all the iconic structures that Dubai is known for, the Burj al Arab, Atlantis Hotel, and Burj Khalifa among others. It will be a memorable experience. 

Luxury Yacht Dubai

Looking for something special on a vacation? You have come to the most suitable destination for that perfect luxury getaway. That too, when enjoyed with loved ones or with someone special, makes the whole experience worth it in every sense. Luxury Yacht Dubai is a great way to bond with near and dear ones and is truly unmatched when accompanied by that one special being. There are several luxury yacht options available. Hire a private yacht all for yourself and make the most of this journey. It comes along with great service from the friendly crew. Soak in the comfort, extravagance and very special dining experience that you are treated to on board. Choose from a variety of food, Arabian, Lebanese, barbeque dinner and unlimited drinks. An awesome viewing experience is a bonus.

Dhow Cruise Dubai

Experience the ultimate luxury with the Dhow cruise Dubai. Be it the Dubai Marina or the Dubai Creek, the shimmering waters are always inviting when viewed on a such relaxing cruise. The radiance of the Dubai skyscrapers is amazing on this traditional wooden Dhow ride. The Dhow is all decked up with long lines of illumination. Behold the reflection of the traditional dhow on the calm and clean water. It is a spectacle in itself. 

The dhow is designed with comfortable seating and a traditional Arabian backdrop to click yourself for posterity. The Dhow cruise comes with luxurious dining with diverse delicacies on the spread. Coupled with this cruise is a glimpse of Dubai culture. There are ongoing live shows for entertainment with the traditional Tanoura dance and soft music to give you company. This experience spanning 1 and a half to 2 hours is not to be missed when you are in Dubai. 

Dubai Luxury Dinner Canal Cruise

Luxury and Dubai are synonymous when you choose to avail yourself of a luxurious dinner on the Canal cruise in Dubai. The Dubai Creek or down the Dubai Marina the night comes alive with the dazzling skyline of iconic structures of Dubai spreading the glitter and glamour all over. All the more enchanting is, the good food with great variations from all over the globe. The 2 hours luxury dinner cruise on the canal is a sure way to make the night memorable. It is an impeccable dining experience on the serene waters. 

Glide past the most noteworthy spots of Dubai. The prominent attractions are Dubai Creek, the Burj Khalifa viewed from the luxury cruise, the business bay area, and Dubai Festival City. There is not an inch of this cruise that you can close your eyes to miss. The atmosphere is supercharged with live entertainment, delicious spread, soft music and an amazing city to enjoy.

Dubai Speedboat Cruise

Away from the relaxing cruises awaits another thrill for all fans of water sports-related adventures. Dubai has so much to offer. Hop onto the speedboat and zoom past the entire Dubai Marina studded with amazing beaches and iconic points of Dubai. The 90 minutes of rush will leave you awestruck.

The view from the Arabian Gulf of Palm Jumeirah, a man-made island cluster is the most enchanting. Another wonderful view is that of the Burj al-Arab, the sail-shaped hotel that stands towering on the shore, a sort of island. You could take a break at the Atlantis hotel, the 5-star hotel. Capture some memorable clicks. Do not overlook the beaches with gourmet restaurants, their sit-out areas and luxurious private villas as you speed past. The thrill lingers on with you even as you complete your speedboating tour. 

Dubai never ceases to mesmerize. An all-time tourist-friendly place of everlasting wonders. The best way to explore this modern city is to do detailed planning before you embark on the much-awaited holiday nooks. It is always a safer way to book the most sought-after luxury cruises in advance. Dubai is ever-welcoming and will have something new each time you visit.