Top 10 Epic Himalayan Treks Every Hiker Should Experience

Trekking is the most adventurous thing to do for every trekker to get that much-needed adrenaline rush. The challenging routes offer some breathtaking views of vast-spread valleys, gushing rivers and streams and lush landscapes with vibrant wildflowers dotting the region. In addition to this, the mighty sky-touching mountains are something to live for. 

There are numerous treks in our country, India, some of them lasting for more than a week while others can be completed in a day or two. You will see scenes that seem straight out of a movie. Living in a place that is secluded from the rest of the world and wandering in different corners of nature is what trekking is all about.

top 10 treks in India

Lakhs of people undertake treks in different parts of the country, from Kashmir in the north to Kanyakumari in the south. It solely depends on what type of adventure you are seeking for. 

Whatever you pick, it is very important to make all the arrangements in advance to avoid those last-minute hustle and bustle.

In this article, we have summarised 10 treks in India that tops the must-to-do list. You can pick any of them for your next thrilling journey.

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is one of the oldest and most stunning treks of Kashmir and India too. As the name refers, the trek takes you to some of the serene lakes of the valley. Starting from Vishansar Lake, Satsar Lake, Gadsar Lake and then the magnificent Gangabal Lake soothe you to the core. There are other small streams and rivers giggling throughout the paths. Sonamarg is the basecamp of the trek. The total distance to be covered is around 75 kilometres and it takes 7 to 9 days approximately depending on the routes and itinerary.  It is safe to say that the Kashmir Great Lakes trek is not for beginners. You have to have some prior experience in high-altitude treks of Himalayas before going on this one. It is a popular summer trek of Jammu and Kashmir that remains open from June to September.

Tarsar Marsar Trek

The prime highlight of Tarsar Marsar Trek is the alpine lakes namely Tarsar and Marsar whose shores form the perfect setting for camping. You spend the night relaxing and rejuvenating, enjoying light strolls in the meadows. A 7 days itinerary is the perfect one to cover the total distance of the trek, that is, 45 kilometres approximately. The starting point is the gorgeous Aru Valley which is about 12 kilometres from Pahalgam. It finds its climax at Homwas, located at an altitude of 13, 165ft.
June is September is the most preferred time to undertake the trek given the pleasant weather and moderate temperature. It is beginner-friendly too but you must acclimatise in Srinagar before going on the higher-altitudes.

HarMukh Peak Trek

The view of Gangabal Lake from the Har Mukh Trek is an exquisite highlight. The sight in front of you is so ethereal that it will certainly blow your mind. Harmukh peak is one of the most exciting trekking destinations in Srinagar. It is located at an altitude of 5,142m, covered in white and brown. You can spend some peaceful time here in the serene ambience of the valley. Naranag is the basecamp of this trek, also known as Gangabal Lake trek. You start the trek, covering 50 kilometres, by acclimatising in the nearby sanctuary and interacting with locals. May to July and then August to November are the convenient times to plan the HarMukh Peak Trek, the fourth-highest peak of Kashmir. 

Markha Valley Trek

Trekking through the Largest National Park of India, Hemis National Park, is the main thing trekkers look out for in Markha Valley trek. The trek is also known as “tea-house trek” as you can spend the night in the homestays offered by the inhabitants of the valley. It is a very popular trek of Ladakh in which you witness the Kang Yatse and Stong Kangri Peaks, situated at an altitude of 21,000ft and 20,086 ft respectively. 

Spituk, Chilling and Stok are the three beginning points of the trek, although Spituk is the most popular one. The difficulty is of moderate level and with enough acclimatisation, you can successfully complete it. The whole trek is picturesque and June to October is the best time for Markha Valley Trek. 

Valley Of Flowers Trek

The whole trek route looks like a carpet of flowers. Valley of Flowers Trek in Uttarakhand is a popular Himalayan trek. You can experience the best of it in the summer season lasting from July to September.  Since the entry, you will see an array of pink, blue and yellow flowers bursting and blooming.  The whole valley is stunning in itself with flowers of different colours, sizes and smells dotting the whole region. The difficulty level is not easy but it is not challenging either. It is of moderate level that can be done by beginners too. Although, the terrain to Hemkund Sahib, the highest Gurudwara in the world, is physically demanding.  Pipalkoti is the base camp of this gorgeous trek and it goes to a high-altitude of 14,100ft. The total distance to be trekked is 37 kilometres that will take approximately 6 days. 

Hampta Pass Trek

The Hampta Pass trek of Himachal Pradesh shows you the most dramatic crossover in the Himalayas. On one side of the trek lies the lush Kullu Valley with vast grasslands and dense forests while on the other side, you see the arid and dry landscape of Chandra Valley in Lahaul where barren mountains can also be seen. 25 kilometres is the total distance of the trek and a total 6 days is needed to complete it. The most adventurous thing comes when you have to cross the Hampta Pass. you will feel a sense of accomplishment on crossing it over. The basecamp of the trek lies in Manali. You trek as high as to an altitude of 14,100ft. An excellent time to undertake it in July and August as the weather is favourable and enjoyable. The trek also gives you an opportunity to get a bird’s view in the Himalayan villages. 

Beas Kund Trek

Another popular trek of Himachal Pradesh, Beas Kund Trek as the name suggests, takes you to the source of River Beas. This trek takes you probably to the most breathtaking setting where three biggest mountains surround green grasslands and in-between lies the serene lake out of which Beas river emerges. The Kund also forms the emerging point of many waterfalls when it diverges into small streams. After that, it feeds the entire civilization of Manali and nearby cities and towns. This trek can be done by beginners too. You just need some prior preparation and be mentally and physically ready to start from 8000 ft and go all the way up to 12,000ft. It is the ideal summer trek that can be done from May to September. The beginning point of the trek is Manali and about 4 days are required to complete it. 

Har Ki Dun Trek

Har Ki Dun Trek takes approximately 7 days to successfully complete it. It is located in the beautiful state of Uttarakhand and the total distance covered is 43 kilometres. The base camp of the trek lies in Sankri and it is situated at the western part of Garhwal in the district of Uttarkashi. It is every climber’s as well as trekker’s delight. The trek can be accessed in summer as well as winters. Some of the attractions of the trek are the temple of Osla, lying at a distance of 13 kilometres from Sankri. The route is believed to be taken by Pandavas in the Mahabharata to go to heaven. Well, the trek is also a stairway to heaven because the whole setting of it will amaze you. 

Rupin Pass Trek

Rupin Pass Trek offers some of the most adventurous yet fun trekking trails of Himachal Pradesh. It is a popular one from the state too. The highest altitude achieved is about 15,350 ft. and Bawta is the basecamp. The grade ranges from moderate to difficult depending on the route taken and the regions. A total distance of 41 kilometres is to be trekked which takes 7 days completely. It is a high-altitude trek in which crossing the Rupin Pass is an adventure itself. The entire trek will surprise you with its steep climbs and mind-boggling sights. The starting of the trek is from a clear and lush grassland but as you reach the annex, all you can see is snow around. It is suggested that you plan this trek only if you have gained some previous experience in the Himalayan trekking before. From May to October, you can do it without much trouble. These are some great months for the Rupin Pass trek. 

Sar Pass Trek

One more gem from Himachal Pradesh is the Sar Pass trek, where you go as high as 13800 ft.  It is one of the loveliest Himalayan Treks that you can undertake this year. One 

 Its basecamp is in Kasol, a stunning village in the Parvati valley. Another beautiful village of the valley is Grahan where you can camp under the starry sky. This short trek of 50 kilometres will take you through different landscapes, grasslands, terrains, snow patches and you can experience everything at once in this trek. A complete 5 day itinerary is the perfect one. The grade is easy to moderate and even beginners can undertake it successfully. It finally terminates at Barshaini, after meandering through those dense forests, meadows and snowy mountains. 


Trekking is a must-to-do thing for every thrill-seeker. However, you must be very careful with its planning, especially if it’s your first time. Don’t think of last minute-packing. Pack light but that does not mean you forget to pack the essentials. Wear proper clothing according to the weather. Carry a reusable water-bottle which you can fill with waters of streams found throughout the trails. Start doing some physical activity before a month or two to be physically prepared for continuous walking.

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