Tadiandumol is the highest peak in Coorg district and is third highest peak in Karnataka. It is at a height of 1748m/5700ft above sea level. You can reach this peak which is adjacent to the Makutta forest only by a wonderful moderate trek of about 7km.

The route of 7 km can be divided into three phases. The first phase, though is part of a trek route, is along a route that is wide enough to drive a vehicle. It is too hard to find public transport in this road, and hence you end up trekking this path. If you are taking your own vehicle, you can drive through this road, as you can park your vehicle at the “actual” trek starting point 🙂

The second phase of the trek is a mild one, where just following a narrow foot path should be good enough. At the end of this phase, you will reach a wide open space with a huge rock in the middle. If you are planning to camp overnight, this is an ideal place to do it.

The third phase of the trek is from this “base” camp to the peak. The peak is around 2 kilometers from this place and you need to trek through very steep path to reach the peak. You will also have to pass through dense Shola forest for a while. This stretch of path inside the forest is a welcome change, as you get to walk amidst the trees that provide a lot of shade, in the otherwise open path which could lead you to dehydration soon.

It is an awesome sight from the top of the peak, where you can see dry Shola forests all around, with small patches of thick forests. It is generally not advisable to camp at the peak, and the wind current is very high during the night and can blow away you and the tent. Also, there is not enough space on the peak to pitch tents (if there are multiple groups planning to do the same).

You can reach this place by taking a direct overnight KSRTC bus from Bangalore to Napoklu. Take a local bus from Napoklu to Kakkabe next day morning, and start the trek from the fort (Nalkunaadu Aramane) nearby.

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On Map

Where to stay?

  • Camping at Tadiandumol
  • Virajpet
  • Madikeri

Distance Chart

From Distance (in km)
Madikeri 40
Mysore 140
Mangalore 170
Calicut 180
Bangalore 275