Malvan Beach Water Sports Guide: Different water Sports activities in Malvan Beach

Malvan is one of the stunning destinations located in the coastal town of Maharashtra, which is famous because of its scenic flora and fauna and activity tourism. It provides a peaceful environment and this has come about through the calm water and the golden sands that make it a perfect destination for retreat. For enthusiastic adventure lovers, one can try out activities such as scuba diving and snorkeling before opening eyes to the rich marine treasures in the waters of the Arabian Sea. 

Visitors can enjoy real Malvani food, especially the world-famous seafood delights, and spend their time soaking themselves in the rich cultural atmosphere of the town. This is the best thing about Malvan as nature lovers have a chance to enjoy the adventures under water activities rich cultures and traditions. Here’s a list of some amazing water sports you can try in Malvan Beach.

10 best water sports you can try in Malvan

Malvan is the best tourist spot in Maharashtra for adventure enthusiasts. You can have the best time of your life trying out some exciting water sports at this beach. Here’s a list of some thrilling sports given below

1. Scuba diving

Dive deep into the sea and explore the beauty of the underwater world, witnessing the wonderful marine life and vibrant corals. Scuba diving in Malvan is one of the best water sports you can try. You’ll go 10-30 feet deep in see gliding through the crystal clear water like a fish. This is one of the most wonderful feelings to witness life under the water with your own eyes. This activity will last for 10-30 minutes, you can choose according to your preference and comfort. 

You can try this exciting water sport at some of the famous beaches of Malvan such as Tarkarli Beach, Karli Backwaters, and Chivla Beach. This activity can be performed by anyone who is over 10 years old. There will be a trained diver along with you to ensure your safety during the activity. 

2. Snorkelling 

The Malvan snorkeling not only captures the picturesque beauty beneath but also earns followers from across the world with its alluring fish in the pristine waters of the Arabian Sea. This is a perfect destination for snorkelers looking to find the underwater delicacy of coastal regions and their colorful marine life. For those passionate about snorkeling, the beach is one of the best places to be because it allows them to see such features as a variety of kinds of tropical fish and many other underwater amazing cities. Being a part of the marine fauna, El Nido is not only full of activities but also offers visitors several services run by well-trained guides who organize snorkeling tours to help tourists experience this wonderful world underwater. Malvan is the place that interests almost everyone on India’s coastline and should be visited.

3. Parasailing

Want to fly like a bird high in the sky over the sea? This activity will fulfill your dream. Parasailing in Malvan offers a great opportunity for tourists where they can fly in the sky and have the most wonderful view with the bird’s eye. In this activity, the parasail equipment is tied to a 30-40 meters rope which is attached to a speed boat. You’ll reach up to a height as the boat increases its speed. This activity can be done by 2 people at one time which makes it best for couples. You can try parasailing at Devbagh Beach and Achara Beach in Malvan. You need to be over 10 years old to try this water sport. 

4. Bumper boat ride

Malvan features the bumper boat ride, which is an activity in the ocean that acts as a source of thrill for coastal touring. This joyful and family-friendly event is a fun way to observe the beauty of Malvan while savoring the views of its unique coastline. Supervised by trained guides, the ride is generally considered a family-friendly adventure activity and one of the best ways to explore wildlife nearby within minutes. 

The bumper boat ride in Malvan provides an exciting and memorable experience for all travelers looking to explore the coastal beauty of this serene place as it gives a new life to their lazy days with the thrill of water rides. You can try this activity at Tsunami Island, Chivla Beach, and Tarkarli Beach 

5. Banana boat ride

The banana boat ride is another family-friendly activity you can try at Tsunami Island, Achara Beach, and Devbagh Beach. Here you’ll ride a long banana-shaped boat that is attached to a speed boat. It is a thrilling ride when the speed boat increases its speed you will ride through the huge waves. This boat can fit 6-10 people at one time. This can be one of the best water sports you can try in Malvan. 

6. Flyboarding

You can try flyboarding if you want to experience the real thrill and excitement. People are secured onto a board supported on the inlet of a watercraft turbine that launches them into the air. It is an extraordinary and exciting experience that has the effects of air flying and the scenic charm seas of Malvan. Fitted with the proper security measures thanks to trained instructors, flyboarding is an almost lifelike adventure in the setting of defying gravity while doing it underwater, an attractive destination for water sports enthusiasts. Malvan Beach and Tarkarli Beach offer a great opportunity to undertake this once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

7. Jet skiing 

Jet skiing in Malvan is the most thrilling water sport that allows adventure junkies to zoom across the blue waters of the Arabian Sea. Jet skiing with the wind in your hair and the spray of seawater beneath is an adventure powered by adrenaline amidst the beautiful coastal landscape of Malvan.

No matter, if you are a beginner or a pro, jet skiing in Malvan, gives an amazing combination of thrill and views of the scenic beauty, which is an adventure one must try for the adrenaline rush Those who find themselves in Malvan can enjoy the water while jet skiing and enjoying the thrill of sharp twists and turning in the waters of the Arabian Sea.

8. Speed boat ride

This is one of the ideal water sports you can try in Malvan. If you want to ride a high-speed boat which is similar to jet skiing the only difference is that you can enjoy this with your friends and family because this boat can fit 6-10 people at the same time. The speed of this boat is 80 km/hr. And you’ll have the best time of your trip to Malvan by trying this exciting water sport. The best time for trying this water sport is from October to May. 

9. Kayaking 

Kayaking in Malvan makes way for a cozy and connected avenue of experiencing the coastal elegance of this idyllic town. Paddlers can tour the calm waters of the Arabian Sea, emerging to find coves that are hidden, mangroves, and taking in the beautiful scenery onshore. 

The location is equally perfect for these watersports whether one is a first-timer or a professional. With the soothing sound of the waves lapping on shore and a coastal breeze caressing one’s face, kayaking becomes a serene but thrilling experience in Malvan which is closer to nature yet offers one an experience of heritage. Kayaking is a wonderful experience because the town has preserved fresh and clean waters as well as beautiful scenery throughout for all levels of kayaking.

10. Dolphin watching

This is a perfect sport for someone who does not want to indulge in water sports due to safety reasons. You can sit on a boat which is 10-20 seater and witness the most beautiful view of dolphins playing in a circle. You can try this activity at the 2 famous spots in Malvan which are Karli Backwaters and Devbagh Beach. If you want to enjoy a safe and secure water activity in Malvan then you must add dolphin watching to your list. 

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