Alekan Falls

Alekhan Falls is another hidden beauty of Western Ghats. It is located 18km from Charmadi in Karnataka, and 4 km from Kottegehara (270 km from Bangalore). This falls is located right next to the road, and is very easy to spot. This falls turns out to be absolutely gorgeous. Lying amidst thick green trees, the falls majestically comes down 90 feet creating a long lasting visual impression. Since its close proximity to the road, this falls is visited by visitors of all kinds: adventurists who admire the mere beauty of nature can find the toughest route through the thick forests (there is a different trek route to reach this place), and the noise-making-and-polluting-the-environment kind of visitors too. However, as the falls is not so famous, and is not a popular “tourist destination”, this falls remains unheard of by many. So the number of visitors is fairly less. This falls often comes as a “surprise” and many people just “drop in” to view the falls.


The falls is at its best during monsoon. In fact, the route via Charmadi has numerous seasonal waterfalls, all next to the road itself. Alekhan Falls stands majestic among all of them and is a delight to watch it from the road. A small muddy path from the main road will lead you to the base of the falls. During the monsoon, this path is extremely slippery, so exercise caution before climbing down. The view from the base of the falls is equally delightful. The small pool that is formed at the base is good enough to spend a little time in water. However, during monsoon, the water current is high. So use your own judgement before getting into water!



Approximate Location

Where to stay?

  • Chikmagalur
  • Mangalore

Distance Chart

From Distance (in km)
Chikmagalur 55
Mangalore 95
Mysore 220
Bangalore 280