Thannirbhavi Beach

Thannirbhavi Beach is a secluded beach in the outskirts of Mangalore which is slowly gaining popularity. This beach acts as the best alternative to highly commercialized Panambur Beach, which is just few kilometers away. The beach just has basic facilities like one or two shops for quick snacks, proper vehicle parking spot, and benches for sitting and enjoying beautiful sunset and so on. The waves here sometimes are very fierce, and hence getting deep into the water is not very advisable. Moreover, as this beach is not so commercialized, you are on your own (no lifeguards) here.

Sunset at Thannirbhavi Beach

There are two ways to reach Thannirbhavi Beach. First, by road. The route to the beach from Kuloor Bridge is very scenic, as the road runs parallel to Gurupura River. You can imagine the mixed feeling, when you see the River on one side with banks lined with several trees, and an industry (KIOCL) on the other side.

The other way to reach Thannirbhavi Beach is by taking a ferry on the River Gurupura from Sulthan Battery (within the city limits of Mangalore).


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Where to stay?

  • Mangalore / Mangaluru

Distance Chart

From Distance (in km)
Gokarna 230
Calicut 245
Mysore 260
Bangalore 360


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