Parambikulam Dam

The surroundings of Parambikulam has many dams or water reservoirs. Parambikulam Dam is the largest of them all. The source of water for this dam comes from Parambikulam River. The water from Parambikulam Dam is connected to the neighboring Thunakadavu Dam through a tunnel.


On Map

Where to stay?

  • Forest guest house, Parambikulam
  • Forest camps, Tree Houses, Parambikulam

Distance Chart

From Distance (in km)
Coimbatore 100
Kochi 200
Madurai 240
Mysore 300
Bangalore 450


2 responses to “Parambikulam Dam”

  1. Biju says:


    Nice Blog

    I would like to suggest you to mention the location of Parambikulam is in Palakkad, Kerala as Parambikulam is located in Palakkad District in Kerala. It will be more confused others on reading “Muthalamada” in the mentioned map. Better go through Google and then you will find it where Parambikulam belongs to



    • Sandeep Ramavana says:

      Hi Biju,

      Thanks for the suggestion. Yes, I am planning to make this post more descriptive, and will include your suggestions when I do that.
      The map is actually from Google, and they had labelled it as Muthalamada, (which I observed only after you made the comment). I included it so that it can help people visit the place, irrespective of what it is labelled as 🙂


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