North Bay Beach

North Bay Beach is one of the many beaches in Andaman Islands which is popular for water sports. Being in closer proximity to Port Blair, North Bay Beach is more popular than the others. Moreover, many ferry operators organize a “package” that takes the visitors to 2 or 3 islands which includes North Bay beach.

North Bay Beach

There are a variety of activities that a visitor can do after visiting North Bay Beach. The simplest one is going on a boat ride that has glass bottom. This is one of the popular ways which introduces the visitors to the marine life and corals without actually getting into the water.

For those who love to get into water, North Bay Beach offers several options. From sea walking, to scuba diving, to snorkeling, to jet ski ride, to banana boat ride and the list goes on and on. North Bay Beach is an ideal place to relax and enjoy all the water sports options that it provides.

North Bay Beach can be reached by the ferries from Port Blair. Few ferries combine the visit to North Bay Beach with the others (like Ross Island and Viper Island), however, there are many ferries that will take the visitors to North Bay Beach, and pick them back up after 3-4 hours.


North Bay Beach

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