Naida Caves

Naida Caves in Diu is undoubtedly one of the best kept secrets in India. The endless network of tunnels beneath the huge and picturesque boulders will definitely make you get lost in the beauty of Naida Caves. The caves have natural openings at various locations that lets the sunlight enter the caves, thus providing enough light for the visitors to traverse through the caves!

Near the entry of Naida Caves

Natural Opening

As you enter near the caves, there are direction boards that guide you through the complex tunnels and walkways so that you do not get lost. When you look at the rocks more closely, you get a feeling that the rocks may have eroded leading to such natural formation. Some evidences point that the caves may be a natural formation due to some geological irregularities that spanned over several years!

Explore the caves!

Several entries/exits to/from the caves


Natural openings on the top of the caves!

Contrary to some of the evidences found, some historical facts also suggest that the Portuguese, when they ruled the region, carved the rocks out and have dug the land to take the sand, and have built the Diu Fort with the collected materials. I am not sure which of these is the reason behind the rock formation, but irrespective of that, you are sure to have an incredible time going through and exploring every corner of these absolutely stunning caves.

Naturally eroded? Or man made?

Tree grown inside the caves

According to some locals, when the Portuguese were ruling this region and when India wanted Diu to be part of Indian Union, some of Indian Army were stationed at Naida Caves to eventually seize control of the region from the Portuguese!


Some of the caves are so huge, that some events are also organized here. During Christmas, or New Year time, it is very common to see some parties, or stage events inside Naida Caves. Some sections of the caves are electrically lit during that time so that visitors could easily get in/out of the caves.




Overall, if you are an explorer, or an adventurist, you should plan to visit Naida Caves if you are in or around Diu. Depending on your interest, it can take anywhere from half an hour to a couple of hours to explore the caves and capture the beauty in your camera.


Naida Caves

Where to stay?


Distance Chart

From Distance (in km)
Somnath 85
Junagarh 150
Rajkot 235
Ahmedabad 355


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