Havelock Island

Crystal clear water. White sandy beaches. Spectacular coral reefs. Amazing marine life. Shallow ocean. Thick rain forests. What more do you want for a perfect break from your regular hectic life? What if I say that a single place can offer all of these? Yes, you read it right. Havelock Island, one of the rare jewels of India, is a perfect place that describes the beauty of nature. Located at a distance of 40 km from Port Blair, each and every bit of Havelock will ensure you will fall in love with it.

One of the beaches at Havelock

Havelock Island spreads across 100 sq km and is the largest island after South Andaman. Most of the island is covered with thick rain forest, while the area around the beach and the main market is inhabited. Though Havelock is a small island, it still has about six villages and seven stunning beaches. The beaches at Havelock are numbered. Radhanagar Beach (also called Beach #7) is located in the village of Radhanagar, and is rated as the best beach in Asia by the Time Magazine in 2004.

Radhanagar Beach

Just like most other beaches, Radhanagar Beach has beautiful white sandy beach with crystal clear water. The water at Radhanagar Beach is very shallow, and this attracts almost all visitors to get into and play with the waves!

The white sand beach is skirted by thick rain forest. The sudden change in the landscape from white sandy beach to lush greenery appears so soothing to your eyes. The beach also has watch towers and huts where visitors can sit and enjoy the view of the beach.

During sunset, you can observe the white sand slowly turning into golden color, giving a completely different view of the beach.

A small stream of water gently passing through the beach to join the sea, the crabs around the beach building its house, birds quenching its thirst, it is so mesmerizing to watch the nature at its best!

The sunset at Radhanagar Beach adds to the beauty.

It is not just the Radhanagar Beach. The other beaches that will leave a lasting impression are Elephant Beach, Vijay Nagar Beach and Kala Pathar Beach. Kala Pathar Beach is famous for the spectacular views of sunrise, and Elephant Beach is popular for water sports like snorkeling, scuba diving and so on.

Near Kala Pathar Beach

Scuba Diving at Elephant Beach

First Scuba Diving Experience!

Underwater sign for “All Okay” 🙂

Coral Reefs

Very colorful marine life

The beauty of Havelock is not just in the beaches. The island itself is very neat and clean. Most hotels and resorts also follow and maintain the tradition of cleanliness.

Havelock Island leaves an ever lasting impression. The beauty of Havelock is unmatched anywhere else in India. Undoubtedly, it is one of the rare jewels and a perfect place to relax and spend time with nature.



Havelock Island

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