Dandeli and Syntheri Rocks

Dandeli is a small town located in North Karnataka. This place has rich mixture of wildlife, nature and adventure and hence is an apt location to spend your weekend with nature. The natural beauty of Dandeli is enhanced by River Kali that gently flows amidst thick lush green forests. Being at a river side, and thick forests surrounding Dandeli, it is very common to sight several wild animals that wander from the national park.

River Kali at Dandeli

Apart from the wildlife, Dandeli is also famous for the 9-km rafting in the River Kali. The rapids found in this region is one of the best in Karnataka, and you will love the rafting experience at Dandeli. Ideal time for rafting is in November. As the water is dam controlled, the schedule of rafting changes/gets cancelled at the last moment, depending on when (and how much) water is released from the dam. Kayaking and canoeing is also organized by few camps in this area.

Rafting Starting Point

Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is very dense forest, and hence spotting wildlife is very tough. There may be wild animals near a tree next to you, but as the forest is too dense, you may miss to spot them. It is risky to leave the road and venture into the forest without prior permission and guide. Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is home for wildlife that includes the rarest Black Panther, among Bison, leopards, jackals, elephants, bisons, deers, bears and a few tigers.

Spotted Deer

This area is also home to numerous species of reptiles including King Cobra. If you are on a boat/raft and keep your eyes open, you may also find a few non venomous water snakes on the river! The dense forest also attracts several bird species. The Hornbill is found in abundance here, and is very easy to spot one.

Jungle Cock


Emerald Dove


Wood Pecker



If you are driving/riding your own vehicle through Dandeli, you will witness the awesome, thick and dense forest of Dandeli. The drive from Karwar to Dandeli cuts through Anshi National Park in the beginning, and passes through the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary via Syntheri Rocks. There are several view points from where you can view the numerous birds in and around this area.

From one of the view points



Syntheri Rock

Syntheri Rock is a large 300 foot tall monolithic granite located in Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary. You can get down to the bottom of the rock and witness a spectacular view of River Kaneri cutting through the rock. Several birds including pigeons, doves and the like have made this rock their home. Sometimes, you can also spot rock bees build their hives on this rock.

Syntheri Rock


River Kaneri flowing near Syntheri Rock


Effect of rock erosion!

There are two ways to get to the bottom of the rock from the parking lot. First way is via the well-paved steps. You can enjoy the views of beautiful and dense forest while getting down around 400 steps. You can also find a watch tower after you get down three-fourths of the distance. It is a nice spot to take a break and enjoy the natural surroundings for a while. The walk down the steps is made more informative, as the information on different types of rocks are displayed all along the stairs. Overall, it looks as if you are walking down an open museum. The other way to get down to the bottom is a walk way, and gets very steep at some points.


Syntheri Rocks


Where to stay?

  • Dandeli
  • Dharwad / Hubli
  • Gokarna

Distance Chart

From Distance (in km)
Dharwad 55
Panjim, Goa 130
Gokarna 130
Mangalore 340
Pune 430
Bangalore 465

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